Solution to Safari Crashes or Freezes Problem

Safari is a great web browser released by Apple and used by many people today; even I like it for some features of it. But there is one thing that I dislike most about it. Safari browser tends to crash or freeze many times while you are busy using it.

This is very irritating as you need to open all the pages again and also re-login to some sites. Apple has released many updates of Safari but the problem still persists with the latest one.

So here is what you can do to minimize this problem or fix it to some extent.

To fix Safari crashing problem what you all need to do is just ensure that your browser is cleaned up for temporary files on a regular basis.

It has been found that if you keep your Safari cleaned then it will crash and freeze very less as compared to it not being cleaned.

How to Clean

Go to Edit -> Reset Safari and in the window that opens check all the fields and click OK. All the temporary files will get deleted.

I have been cleaning it daily for a week now and believe me it hasn’t crashed till then.

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