Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click

These days, webmasters have started using some JavaScript to protect the images from saving down to computer by just right clicking on it and selecting the option of “Save Image as”. Yes I do feel this is necessary for some added privacy and security but it is also irritating if we want to save some legal picture or if we are authorized to do it.

This feature is used by many online forums and social networking site like Orkut is the latest example of this. There are many methods available to solve this problem and save the image like:


1.    You can take a snapshot of the page using PrtScn button and then cut the desired part from pasting it in the Paint application.

2.    All the images that we see online get cached in a folder called “Temporary Internet Files” that we can locate easily on our system in Local Settings folder.

3.    But out of these solutions, the best and also the easiest solution is to first open the page on which the image is displayed.

•    Left click on the image and while holding the click, drag it either to the Address Bar or to the Desktop.

•    If you drag the image to the address bar then you can directly save the image using right click there.

•    If you drag the image to the desktop, then just rename the file in the .jpeg format.

That’s it, no more need to hunt for methods of saving the image.

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