Solution to System Restore Does Nothing Problem

The problem was asked by one of our readers who wanted to fix the problem that whenever he wanted to restore the system with Windows XP System Restore, it does nothing when he click Next after selecting the desired date.

What happens when System Restore is not working?

System Restore is a great tool by default in Windows that can easily undo some changes created by any application or software in the computer thereby bringing our computer back in the safe state.

But if the System Restore is not working then we surely need to fix this problem.

Why System Restore is unable to restore?

System Restore is unable to restore because it is not able to use the data backups created or they might have got corrupted, so we just need to update or delete them. Be sure you have the Administrator rights for the solution.

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    First of all try System Restore in the Safe Mode (boot in the Safe Mode and see if it also gives the problem).

2.    If it gives the same problem then you need to scan the system for virus.

3.    Turn off the System Restore (My Computer -> Properties -> System Restore).

4.    Delete all the restore points ( Go to Tools -> Folder options -> View tab -> Check Show hidden files and folders and Uncheck Hide protected operating system files. Click yes, OK and exit

5.    Now you will see a hidden file

in the C: drive named “System Volume Information”, either delete it or rename it to some other.

6.    Scan the whole system with a good Anti Virus.

7.    Reboot the system and enable the System Restore again.

It should work now.

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  1. hi
    in my pc 2 of partitions are ntfs & rest are ntfs i’m not able to open/check system vol information & also not able to defrag these to fix it

  2. thanx for making this post.i scanned my pc with pctools spyware doctor and also with kaspersky internet security. it didn’t worked for me but it may work 4 u ppl

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