Solution to the “Folder View Settings getting reset” Problem

This was the problem of one of our readers that whenever he saves the folders inside another folder as name-wise the settings get reset to date-wise. This is a common problem that can happen mostly in case if Windows XP as the View Settings of the folder gets reset.

If you are also facing some similar issue then here are details and solution to the problem.

Cause of the problem:

Windows XP stores the view settings of 400 folders by default and with time, this limit is easily reached so it starts forgetting the settings when you store more than 400 folders or subfolders.

However to solve this issue minor registry change is required to lift the limit to max of 8000. Setting the limit to any number within 8000 can fix the problem for you.


To change the max limit of the folders that can be stored in a folder keeping the view settings same, you need to make some registry changes. What you need to do is change the BagMRU Size to 5000 (or upto 8000) in the following registry keys:


Or you can download the registry key directly from here and double click to change the value to 8000.

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