Solution to the iexplore.exe – Application Error

This was the problem of one of our readers that whenever he worked on the Internet Explorer, he faced this error message

iexplore.exe – Application Error : The instruction at “0x7473c7d6” referenced memory at “0x00000122”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program

And on clicking the OK button, the explorer crashes.

This thing is very irritating and thus without wasting any time, let’s see the solution to the problem.


1.    The problem is caused by the conflict of the various Toolbars installed in the browser. I have seen the problem occurred by the Yahoo Toolbar. So just go to the Control Panel and remove all the toolbars installed in the browser.

Alternatively, what you can do is to uninstall all the components of the browser and re-install it again but this time without any toolbar.

2.    After uninstalling all the toolbars scan the system with a good Anti Spyware preferably Spy Bot.

3.    If nothing helps, then try shifting to other browsers which are definitely better like Firefox.

Tell me anyways.

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  1. I have been having this similar problem for a while now. It happens when I am not even using Internet Explorer, in fact I haven’t used it in months! It goes along with another “Internet Explorer has encountered anothe rproblem and needs to close” window too. I have tried everything, including removing toolbars, trying a registry cleaner, doing an intense virus scan, malware scan, spyware scan. In the process I’ve deleted tons of programs and files from my computer so its basically on training wheels. NOTHING WORKS! It somehow affected my firefox too so whenever I try to open firefox, it crashes. The only browser that works is Chrome! AH this is a disaster. Is my only option reinstalling windows??

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