Solution to the problem of Windows media Player Shutting Down the Computer

It happened to me few days back that I wanted to listen to my favorite songs on WMP but when I started the Media Player, it just restarted my PC. I felt low when I saw that as it was running absolutely fine some days back.

I am using WMP 11 on my PC and whenever I tried to run it, it just shuts down the computer some 2-3 minutes later. I tried many things like uninstalling the Windows Media Player and installing it again but of no help. I also tried restoring the system but the problem was still there.

So here goes the solution that solved my problem:

1. Since the problem was not solved by System Restore and uninstalling the Media Player, the solution is to delete all the files that are conflicting with running this software.

2. Thus to remove this problem, just delete the user you are using so that it will remove all the files that are associated with WMP and conflicting with its proper running. Deleting the user and creating a new one is no difficult and will not even delete any saved data.

3. But before you delete the user it is ADVISABLE that you backup your complete My Documents and Desktop folders and other data associated with any particular software.

4. For deleting the user, go to Control Panel and then click on “User Accounts”, click the account and just click on “delete this account”.

5. Then you need to create a new user and restore all the backed up data. Just replace the data that we backed up in earlier steps.

These steps will surely solve your problem as they solved mine.

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  1. Hi Rajat
    i feel that the files that conflict or settings that cause problem must be located in local settings of the user, i suspect the application data area, example of such folders is is:

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

  2. could you explain how deleting the user solved your problem , was it a pure guess from your side or is there some logic behind it.

  3. Since every time i run WMP it restarted my PC that implied there was some conflict with the WMP only. That can happen either by registry or some files that are related to it. So i created a new user (to check for these conflicting files), and saw that WMP was running abs fine there, then I knew what the solution was. 🙂

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