Solution to “This PC doesn’t meet system requirements” when Installing Windows 8 RP

Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched recently and most of the users want to upgrade their system to this OS in order to experience the new changes in the UI and the performance improvements. But recently some users, who were trying to upgrade their system from consumer preview, reported that they are getting a warning message.

The message that they got is a warning message which appeared at the time when they were trying to run Windows 8 RP setup (online installer) on their Computers. The message that appeared is: “This PC doesn’t meet system requirements. If you want to install Windows 8, you may have to upgrade some of the hardware in this Computer. Your PC’s CPU isn’t Compatible with Windows 8”.

So the question that arises is that what is wrong with our CPU? If it works with consumer preview then why not with Release preview? So for this firstly check if your system meets the requirement of the OS or not. Actually Windows 8 requires the NX (“No Execute Bit”) capabilities of modern CPUs for security against different malwares. This is necessary because we all use several different apps, though this feature was blocked in CP but now it is required in RP.

If this feature is available in your CPU and still the error is shown by the system then it might be possible then it had not been enabled in BIOS settings. You need to look for “No execute bit” or equivalent XD (“Execute Disable bit”) in security settings and enable the same, save the changes and restart your PC.

After making these settings if you run Windows 8 RP installation by booting from DVD/USB drive, RP will be successfully installed. However, if a code 5D blue screen appears then it means your CPU does not have NX capabilities.

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