Solution to Your Computer Might be at Risk Problem

Let me guess, you have some Anti Virus installed in the computer and are still getting the message balloon saying “Your Computer Might be at Risk. Click this balloon to fix the problem”. This thing occurs when you boot up the computer and more probably when you have installed Symantec Anti Virus.

It should be noted that though you are getting the message but the AV you have installed is still working and protecting your PC. So let’s remove this error message that displays every time on the startup and disappears after some time.


1.    Go to Control Panel and run the Security Center.

2.    In the left side of the window, click on the link at the bottom reading “Change the way Security Center alerts me”.

3.    Now in the Alert Settings window that opens, uncheck the “Virus Protection” option at bottom and click OK.

4.    Similarly, you can also uncheck the “Automatic Updates” option if you are getting the similar error message for the Automatic Updates.

The error message balloon will not appear again.

4 Replies to “Solution to Your Computer Might be at Risk Problem”

  1. yes that does stop the baloon from reappearing but i am concerned that my anti virus isn’t protecting me – that is what the security center was telling me. how can i see if i am in fact virus protected – i have kaspersky and it seems to be working. why then the error message – firewall and updates were ok, why has the security center decided the anti virus isnt switched on

  2. @steve
    I dont think your AV isn’t protecting you. It is just that the Security Center alert depends upon up-to-date definitions and the real time protection.

  3. Admin?!
    The message says AV turned off.. what does it have with defn? The other part – real time protection is turned off??

    So “I dont think ….” is no use!
    Turning off alerts without understanding properly is a stupid thing.

    Hope u can focus on the thing…

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