Solve @ and “ Reversed Keys on Keyboard Problem

This has been a strange problem asked by one of our readers who was irritated with the problem that when he entered Shift+2 keys, the output was (double quotes), but when he entered Shift+’ keys then the output was @. Reversed!!

The problem is not that big and of course the key buttons are not reversed, they are situated where they should be. Then what is the cause?

The cause of the problem is the Keyboard language setting that has been selected. There are many Keyboard settings that you can select.

One is the standard US English setting, layout of which is as shown below.

This is the common and most used setting used around the world. But this problem is cause when you have selected UK setting for your keyboard, layout of which is as shown below.


•    What you have to do is just go to “Regional and Language Options” in the Control Panel.

•    Go to Languages tab then click on Details.

•    Make sure that you have US Keyboard selected, if not then click on “Add” button next to it and add “English (United States)” option from the drop down menu.

•    Click OK and reboot.

The keys will become as they should be, similar to default.

9 Replies to “Solve @ and “ Reversed Keys on Keyboard Problem”

  1. Problem I have is that I HAVE a UK keyboard, and my CP settings are for UK English and UK keyboard, but my ” key (above the 2) produces a @, and vice versa. This has only just started happening. Very confusing.

  2. Use UK keyboard extended if your ” (shift + 2) key still does @

    Also, how can i make it so when i type Alt Cr + Space it does a backslash? i have converted a US keyboard to UK by switching the keys, but the US one has less keys, so i do not have a backslash (the opposite to this /)

  3. Thanks heaps mate. I’ve been to several different sites and finally you’ve cracked it for me!
    thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much for this – it would be useful if a warning was posted where a language choice is offered! I didn’t know what I had done! I need UK English for medical transcription however, will have to stay with Aus English and American spelling!

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