Solve Chrome PDF Reader Prompts to Install Adobe Reader

PDF plug-in is offered by Google Chrome that allows you to view PDF in the browser itself.  If you have not installed any PDF viewer on your system then the PDF viewer that is offered by chrome, is said to be the default PDF viewer on your system.

Sometimes it happens that you get stuck on a webpage and the browser shows that “Parts of this document could not be displayed. Install Adobe Reader? No/Yes”?  I hope each one of us somehow faced this situation. This is sometimes really annoying. Isn’t it?

At this point of time you have two options, either you go for ‘yes’ option which will lead you to the download link of Adobe reader or if you choose ‘No’ option, then the webpage gets closed. Even if you refresh the page or again try to open the same link, you will find the same message again.

In the screenshot above you can see that the page that we have tried to load gets opened well but the browser still states that “parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Install Adobe Reader?” Hence to solve this problem you need to visit: plug-ins page in Chrome and disable PDF Viewer plug in.

The moment you disable this plug in, the PDFs will start loading and displaying properly via PDF Reader plug-in installed for Chrome. So visit the plug-in page and make the adjustments as required. We will keep you updated with the latest tips and tricks continuously.

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