Solve debug.log Appears on Desktop Automatically

The problem was faced by one of our readers that whenever he tries to open Orkut, an unknown file named Debug.log appears on desktop automatically. This problem has also been seen when trying to open iGoogle.

When you open the debug.log in a notepad you will find that it is empty and does not contain anything.

Cause of the problem:

The problem is not much common and has been seen to come mostly when using the IE browser. The problem usually occurs after you are asked to install the ActiveX Control while visiting the site. While installing the ActiveX Control to be able to visit a site is not discouraging but there seem to be an issue as with that ActiveX control.


Well there are no particular steps to solve the issue but here is how you can disable the problem. First of all try changing the browser from IE to some other like Firefox or Chrome. Now if you have faced this issue when accessing iGoogle then hiding/disabling the chat box would remove the debug.log file from desktop.

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  1. hey.i had same problem..
    i tried changing the browser but it not works…
    even i delete debug file,it after sometimes again…

  2. hi, i am facing this prob from 11th aug 2010. I am unable to solve this. tried changing the browser, does not help. can anyone suggest a simple and practical step to remove this debug.log virus sitting on my desktop ?

  3. Telling someone to use different software is not a solution to an issue like this. I’m so tired of site contributors who think “use the software I prefer to use” is a valid solution to an issue. That, unfortunately, is becoming more common these days. How would you feel if you brought your car in for service and the shop owner said, “I’m sorry your car is making that noise. Trade it in for a BMW.”


  4. I totally agree with D S. I am also facing this issue for long time and without any solution till date. Changing a browser is not a solution.

  5. Everyone is saying this is a google talk issue but it is not. Its a Java issue. I have computers that this is happening to that have never used google.

  6. I’m seeing a similar issue in a windows 10 computer. The file is not empty, it has several lines of text about process errors. Google talk has never been installed and is not on the computer

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