Solve Different Network Problem on iPhone

I bought a new iPhone 3G recently and like others I was a newbie to it. Since this was my first Apple gadget, I didn’t know much about it. It would interests you to know that iPhone is locked to the service provider and would work only on one network.

The only networks supporting iPhone here (New Delhi, India) are Vodafone and Airtel. So iPhone here should work with only these two networks here. But I was shocked to see the logo of Reliance (another network here) after I jailbreaked my phone and was activating it with iTunes. The following pic should say it all.

This was quite strange and even the Vodafone people didn’t have any solution about this problem. So this was how I solved this network problem with iPhone.

1.    The iPhone makes a cache of the carrier logos inside it and uses it for displaying them for a particular SIM card.

2.    Thus I inserted another Vodafone card in it which was never inserted before.

3.    Restarted the phone and it deleted all the previous cache and made a new for this card.

4.    The logo was fine this time and then I inserted my previous one.

The phone was correctly displaying the Vodafone logo for my iPhone now.

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