Solve Laptop Fn and Ctrl Keys Swapped Problem

We have come across a problem in which keyboard’s @ and # keys were swapped in function but this was another weird issue reported to us by one of our readers. The problem was that his laptop’s Fn and Ctrl keys were swapped in function.

What I have observed that this problem happens mostly in Thinkpads but in case you are also facing the same issue, then here the steps to solve the problem.

Solution to the problem:

Solution 1:

Sometimes the issue is of the BIOS, so if possible try upgrading your BIOS to the latest version available.

Solution 2:

Check if your BIOS has this option of swapping of the keys of the system. Reboot your machine, go to BIOS and try following steps

•    In Bios, enter Config
•    Go to Keyboard and Mouse
•    Click on Fn and Ctrl Key Swap option
•    Check if it is Enabled, if yes then disable it.
•    F10 to save the changes.

Solution 3:

Well if you had no luck so far, then try the tool called Key Tweak. This tool is capable of swapping any keys on the keyboard of the system (I will write about this tool for sure in detail in some other post).

Well you should not find it difficult to use this tool, in case it is, read the tutorial on the link below.

Download Key Tweak

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