Solve PC Beeps Continuously After Startup

The problem was reported by one of our reads who was troubled by the fact that his PC made continuous beep sound after he switched ON his system.

So if it is the same case with you then try out following stuffs as this can remove the problem for you easily.


1. First of all to ensure that it is not a RAM problem, hear the PC beeps properly, if they are short and recurring then it is for sure that you need a RAM replacement.

2. Else open up the CPU and check that all the removable cards are installed properly. You may press all the components so that they get fixed properly.

3. Blow out all the dust from the system using the vacuum blower because a dust particle between the connections can also be the reason of the beep sounds.

Well if the above steps don’t work then you surely need a hardware person.

3 Replies to “Solve PC Beeps Continuously After Startup”

  1. Thanks for your help,it will help a lot and in addition apart from usual “Beeps” some beeps may vary depends on mother board types,so if we have any strange beeps then considering “particular mother board’s beeps” will help

  2. ya i think it is wright, because yesterday ill, repair the pc unit of my neighborhood when i press the switch i only heard a continues beep when i replace the memory ram running good so i think its on memory problem…..

  3. when i start my PC it continuously starts beeping and some times it starts normally i checked the RAM also and it is ok.When it starts it functions normally even when it is kept switched on for many hours but some times it starts beeping why is it so please tell me

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