Solve Rotation Error while Rotating Images in Windows

Recently I have come across a new issue regarding iPhone photographs. Basically the issue is that when you connect your iPhone and transfer some images to your PC to view in Windows Explorer and when you try to rotate it, an error message appears saying that “You cannot rotate this image. The file might be in use or open in another program, or the file or folder might be read-only”.

Then I started searching for the solution of this problem. While going through several WebPages, I got to know that I am not the only one who is experiencing this issue. Many of the iPhone users are experiencing the same problem. If you are also victim of the same issue, then you must have observed that when you try to rotate the images and save them, an error message is displayed similar to the one in the screenshot below.

Since I can’t carry my DSLR everywhere, I often click images using my iPhone and when I get this message while rotating the image, I really get very annoyed. It is really very irritating to get such messages after working for long hours. The solution that I got for this problem is a program that is very simple to use and will let you rotate images not only the iPhone images, but any image can be rotated using this app. The program is known as JPEG Lossless Rotator.

You need to download this application using the link given below and install it on your system. As it is clear from the name, the tool does not reduce the image quality when you rotate the image as it does sometimes otherwise. The second thing that you should be careful about is that please tick the “Integrate JPEG Lossless Rotator with Shell” option while installing, as this option will integrate the rotating options in your right-click menu.

After completing the setup, go to the image that you want to rotate and right click on them. You will find two new options in your right-click menu. Choose the direction and your image will be rotated. This is really a great app and the biggest advantage of this app is that it doesn’t reduce the image quality when rotating images which would have been otherwise.

Download JPEG Lossless Rotator

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