Solve Service Control Manager Error

I was searching something in the event viewer of windows for some error logs and found that there were many entries of Service Control Manager Error at regular intervals. I had no idea from where it came but this is how I managed to fix the problem.

What is Service Control Manager?

First of all let us know what is this manager and what function does it perform. The Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) is a remote procedure call (RPC) server that manages creating, deleting, starting and stopping of Windows services.

It is started at system boot and is RPC based so that service configuration and service control programs can manipulate services on remote machines. More info at Wiki

Steps to solve the problem:

1.    Open registry editor.

2.    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SENS. Backup this key before performing following steps (right click and select export).

3.    SENS is the System Event Notification Service.

4.    Here you will find one of the key as “DependOnService”. Since you are facing the error message, the value should read only “EventSystem”.

5.    If the value of this key is only “EventSystem” then delete this key else leave it alone.

6.    Deleting and rebooting will solve the problem.

5 Replies to “Solve Service Control Manager Error”

  1. hey there,
    i did what you explained here but still my problem isn’t solved yet.
    i cannot use the internet since something error came up on service control manager.
    i would be really glad if you’d put on an solution for this problem aswell!

  2. After searching the web for hours your solution is the only one that addressed the isse correctly for me. Thank you very much for solving service control manager events.

  3. Again, with the registry. I finally got BITS to start (an update issue), reg problems, did an update, now BSOD. I’m learning a lot.
    – 6 boxes, 10 OS’s, no sanity.
    Will try after my latest chkdsk /R.

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