Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem

Some of our readers were facing this problem that sometimes when they try to click a link they see a javascript:void(0); code on the status bar of the browser and the link doesn’t work. We all must have faced this problem someday or the other as it is very common these days.

This problem is most common on Orkut and can be often seen when we try to scrap our friends and when we hovers our mouse over the “Post Scrap” button, this message comes on the status bar making us unable to scrap.

The best working solution to get the link working is to reload the page and click on the link again, though the error will keep on coming but it will not affect the working else it would be better to start using another web browser for orkut.

Let’s see the other possible reasons for this problem and its solutions:

•    A malfunctioning web proxy – If possible, disable your web proxy.
•    JavaScript is not enabled – Enable the JavaScript in the browser.
•    A popup blocker blocking the JavaScript – Disable the popup blocker.

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