Solve the Problem of All Internet Browsers Crashing

It has been reported by our visitor that whenever he tries to use any Internet browser, the browser keeps crashing within minutes making it difficult to use the Internet.

Cause of the Problem

The problem persists with the use of every browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. That means the problem is not browser specific but computer specific.

Solution to the Problem

1.    To solve this problem you need to perform all the steps listed below.

2.    First of all clear all the temporary and useless files that clutter the Browser.

•    Delete the cookies and offline files from Internet settings in IE and Private Data in Firefox (but if you are unable to stick on the browser that long try the following).

•    Right click in the root drive C: and go to Properties. Now click on Disk Cleanup button.

•    Delete all the temporary and waste files.

3.    Uninstall any toolbar if you have installed on the browser.

4.    Now scan the system with the famous and good Anti Malware Malwarebytes.

Reboot the system. It should have solved the problem.

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