Solve USB related issues with USB Fix it

There was problem while installing your new device. Your new hardware might not work properly”. You can’t deny that you have never seen this statement. What we usually do is unplug USB device and reconnect it again. But what if your system still shows the same statement? Or sometimes it doesn’t allow you to remove it using the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box. If you have plugged it out without performing the Safely Remove Hardware check while the data transfer is still ON, it can result in data corruption.

To solve these types of problems Microsoft has recently released a tool called USB Fix It that automatically diagnoses and repairs all common USB device related problems. USB Fix It checks the issues when the USB is not recognized, when it cannot be ejected using Safely Remove Hardware dialog box.

The most common reason for these issues is registry malfunctioning. This tool provides two modes of repairing, first mode is that it detects the problems and automatically applies fixes for it. Second mode is that it detects the problems and let you choose the fixes that you want to apply.

This application is very easy to use and since it is released by Microsoft, you can trust on this application. This tool is supported with all versions of Windows. Be sure that your system is properly updated as it can happen in Windows XP with Service Pack 1 that your USB ports are recognized as USB 1.0 instead of USB 2.0.

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