[Solved] Automatic Numbered Lists Not Working in MS Word

Most people have a habit of typing numbers with dots while using MS Word as this is automatically corrected to the Numbered Lists, so we don’t have to hold the mouse again and again and click on the Numbered Lists button.

To maintain the typing speed, I also use this feature but few days back I noticed that this feature had started giving me issues as the numbers were not formatted to the Numbered Lists and I had to click on Numbered Lists button by mouse.

I figured out the problem and here is the solution.


1.    Open the MS Word document and click on the Home button (in Office 2007) -> Word Options.

2.    Go to the Proofing tab and click on the Autocorrect options button as shown.

3.    This will open the Auto Format options; here go to the “Auto Format as you type” tab.

4.    Make sure that you have the option saying “Automatic Numbered Lists” checked.

5.    Click OK and exit.

You will see the Automatic Numbered Lists functional again.

2 Replies to “[Solved] Automatic Numbered Lists Not Working in MS Word”

  1. This is NOT the answer! This is only the method to make sure the feature is turned on. When it IS turned on and STILL DOES NOT WORK, what to do then????

  2. Here’s what I did to solve this. I had the Automatic Numbered Lists disabled in Outlook 2010. Since Outlook uses Word to create the message I enabled it in Outlook under Options > Mail > Spelling and Autocorrect > AutoCorrect Options. Once I did this it fixed my issue in Word and Outlook.

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