[Solved] Autoplay USB Drive Not Working in Windows

It has been quite some time now and I just realized that my USB Pen Drive has stopped to Autoplay and the Autoplay dialog stopped appearing whenever I inserted my USB Drive.

If it is the case with you then here is how to fix this problem.


1.    First of all make sure that your AutoPlay setting is set to the correct option. Insert the drive and right click on it to go to the Properties. Under the AutoPlay tab, make sure that “Prompt me each time to choose an action” option is checked (shown below).

2.    Though this was selected in my case, I was still facing the problem.

3.    I downloaded a tool developed by Microsoft called “Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard”. The tool is also called as AutoFix and it actually fixed my problem.

How to use AutoFix

•    Insert the drive and run AutoFix.exe

•    Click Next and ensure that your Global Checks are OK (if not then click the Repair button).

•    Now select the drive from the list of drives that is not auto playing.

•    Click Next and ensure the Policy Checks are OK. It was not in my case so I clicked the Repair button.

•    Unplug and restart or log off the computer.

My problem was fixed; hope it does the same for you.

Download AutoFix

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