[Solved] Computer Screen Resolution Out of Range

Yesterday I was called up by one of my friends who had by mistake changed the monitor resolution to a value that his computer monitor cannot support.

Due to this he was unable to see anything on the screen and his monitor was giving a message “Out of Range”. This problem can be easily solved as follows.


1.    While nothing comes on the screen in the normal mode, you can change the settings back in the safe mode. The Safe Mode would be working fine as the video drivers are not loaded inside it.

2.    So boot in the safe mode and try changing the settings back.

3.    If this do not work then try booting into the Last Known Good Configuration that worked, it may solve the problem.

4.    If this doesn’t work as well then System Restore would surely work. Restore the system to some old restore point and your monitor will start working again.

But do not try to change the resolution to something that your monitor cannot support.

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