[Solved] Error loading newdev.dll Problem when installing ADSL Modem

One of our readers was facing this problem that whenever he tried to install the modem driver there popped an error message saying that “Error Loading newdev.dll”. The error has been confirmed to occur either installing or uninstalling the or even while configuring the software.

If you are also facing the same issue then here is the solution to solve this problem.


1.    The problem is mostly because of incompatibility with the IE browser and that too version 8.

2.    So the simple solution to the problem is to uninstall the Internet Explorer, shift to another browser or try the older version of the browser.

This solution has worked for many so let me know if it solved yours too.

2 Replies to “[Solved] Error loading newdev.dll Problem when installing ADSL Modem”

  1. I was also trying to install usb D-link Dsl-200 on XP SP3 with internet explorer 8.I got this messege” error loading newdev.dll” “Logon as Administrator to install or uninstall” Afater uninstalling internet explorer8 my problem is solved.Thank you very much for your help………..

  2. Im using a adsl router and I have only one computer that uses the wireless Lan nad I need to confine the access to this wireless network just to this computer and i need to know how that can be done. Im using the router manufactured by planet(Model:ADE4400/ADW4401)

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