[Solved] Files and Folders in Pen Drive converted to Shortcuts

One of our readers reported this problem that whenever after he inserted the pen drive in the computer he found that all the files and folders that were present inside have been converted to the shortcut icons.


Cause of this problem is definitely some virus that was present in the computer. So to resolve this problem below are the steps to be followed.Steps:

1. It is for sure that the shortcuts have been created but what you don’t know is that the data is still present in the drive but in the hidden format.

2. To recover the data back, type this command in the command prompt.
   attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.*
   where X is your USB drive letter.

3. After recovering back the data just scan your system with the Mbam Antimalware.

Let us know if it solved your problem.

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5 comments on “[Solved] Files and Folders in Pen Drive converted to Shortcuts
  1. ardson says:

    thanks for nthe reply.but please give me more options.

  2. ardson says:

    I’ve tried the procedure give in the page but it does’nt work.
    i need to recover my files badly.Do i have any other options?

  3. admin says:

    If the used size of the drive is showing up then the files are present for sure, try following:
    Go to folder options-> view tab and uncheck the option of “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”
    If the files are there, it should show

  4. shyam says:

    thanks. that options-> view tab worked. thaks a lot

  5. Diya Khan says:

    To solve this issue we have to delete these shortcuts and use a software named usbshow.exe to recover hidden files.

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