[Solved] Invalid Boot.ini Loading from C:\Windows Error

If while booting the computer in normal mode, you see this error message saying that “Invalid Boot.ini, loading from C:\Windows” then here is the solution to fix this error.

The error comes up while booting but after this the system boots normally as if there is no problem.

Cause of the error

The problem is caused due to missing or corrupted boot.ini file which is usually located in the C drive.


We can solve the problem by providing the same boot.ini file with correct properties.

1.    Right click on My Computer -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery, click Settings.

2.    Now click on Edit button besides the line reading “To edit the startup options file manually, click Edit”.

3.    This will open the boot.ini file but if it isn’t there then click OK to create a new.

4.    Now copy and paste the following code in it

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect

5.    Click save and exit.

6.    A new file boot.ini will be created in the C drive, now we need to give it system attributes.

7.    Open command prompt (type cmd in Run box).

8.    Type the following command

attrib C:\boot.ini +s +h

and press Enter.

9.    The problem is fixed.

So just restart the computer to see the problem gone.

23 Replies to “[Solved] Invalid Boot.ini Loading from C:\Windows Error”

  1. now my pc jut get a black screen after my graphic card logo, could you please help with that

  2. thanx 4 the response, cant find it, i managed to get through that by getting into command through recovery, but the boot error is still there

  3. Thanks a lot dude, it really solved my problem! I’ve been trying to find answer from different sites but your instruction has been the most helpful and easiest to follow.

  4. hi i have this problem also but i have a 64bit version of xp pro.. could you clarify for me whether or not this also works in 64bit xp pro or not…before i ham fistedly try it and break y pc altogether 😛 thanks

  5. hello brother ihave one problem being boot when i was pressing f8 button boot safe mode is not showing
    it was showing “select boot device”
    how can i restart in safe mode plz tell me brother

  6. thanx man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really solved my problem after reading a lot of rubish at the web!!!!
    thnx a lot!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for this concise tutorial. It resolved the issue.

    However, I copied the contents of the backup config to the new one which was the same but also included the “/noexecute=optin” option.

    I dont recieve Invalid boot.ini error any more
    Other so-called experts even in Microsoft advice to use Recovery console which I tried and it did not work but your soloution was really easy
    GOD help you

  9. Thank you very much.
    Now my computer does not show invalid boot.ini file when I start my PC.Now it starts normally like before.Your solution really worked.
    Good work Keep it up!

  10. Respected Sir,

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Now my computer is absolutly o.k. While thanking you I also interested to know some more tricks from you related computer, if your time permits.


    Ravindran Menon

  11. Worked Great !  Lots of advice on this on-line but this solution was pretty easy to try.  To see if this file is even there you need to un-check the boxes etc so you can see these hidden and system files on C:/   It’s not in any folder, should just be sitting there, corrupted, or totally missing, on the C drive.  Anyway, this solution worked great for my Windows XP system, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.    This done April 16, 2012

    Been trying to fix this for a day. All other fixes needed boot disk. I’ve moved and have stuff in storage and can’t find it…

    I was so frustrated… I had to restore my computer TO GET ON THE WEB! Not anymore! It runs as mediocrely as it did before!

    My self described computer skills are akin to a blindman dusting items in a china shop with a basebasll bat!

    Many many thanks!!!
    Peace and Blessings from Seattle

  13. Many Many Thanks!!!
    Worked perfect!! w/o the boot.ini file i’d have to restore after after reboots to get on the internet. Very frustrating!

    Thank you! Thank you!

  14. thanx man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really solved my problem after reading a lot of rubish at the web!!!!
    thnx a lot!!!!!!!

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