[Solved] iPhone Shows “This Accessory is Not Optimized for this iPhone” again and again

I have been using my iPhone 3G for over 3 years now and have seen lots of error messages and situations over the period of time. While I have seen all kind of iPhone problems till now and found a solution to each of them, this was altogether a different issue that I came across recently.

If you had used any accessory that is not designed to fit your iPhone then you might have come across this error message saying “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone – you may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength” as shown in the screenie below but what if you are facing this issue without any accessory connected?

Strange, isn’t it? This was the same issue that I have been facing these days. My iPhone is showing the above error message every couple of minutes and that too when there is no accessory like Charger or Earphone attached. What I also noticed is that while it showed this message, it no longer produced the lock sounds that it would have had otherwise.

This simply means that it is considering that I have some accessory connected to my iPhone which is incompatible (however I didn’t). So the simple solution to this problem is to clean the connectors where you would plug any accessory, find the steps below:

• First of all, clean the charging point of the iPhone that is where you connect the charging cable. Do not use any cloth or liquid; only use a dry toothbrush to wipe out any dust particle present there.

In my case I used my room mate’s toothbrush to clean it (please don’t tell him 🙂 ) and to my surprise I found lot of dust.

• You can also blow some air through your mouth into the earphone jack to remove any dust particle.

You won’t believe I never came across this problem again, and my phone is running absolutely fine now. Drop a comment below to let me know, if your problem is solved too or not.

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  1. i have also a same error i clean the charging and ear phone point of the iPhone but my issue not resolved please guide me

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