[Solved] iPhoneBrowser Crashing After Firmware Jailbreak

It has been the Apple week for various things, the most popular of them being the launch of new iPhone 3GS and the official final firmware version 3.0. iPhoneBrowser not only helps us viewing the folders but also let us explore our iPhone in detail.

If you use iPhone Browser to access files and folders on your iPhone and have updated/jailbroken your iPhone with 3.0 update then you must be facing the problem of iPhoneBrowser crashing.

So this is how to fix the problem and start using iPhone file explorer again.

1.    Update the iPhoneBrowser too by installing the latest iPhoneBrowser as the latest version supports the jailbroken 3.0 firmware

2.    Alternative:

You can also make use of DiskAid which is similar to the iPhoneBrowser and also supports the 3.0 jailbreak iPhone.

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