[Solved] No Disk Error in Windows

The problem was reported by one of our readers who was facing this problem whenever he started the PC, an error message came up reading

There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive” just as shown below

Cause of the problem

The problem can occur due to

•    Drive letter conflict
•    Temporary files created by Quick Time

Solution to the problem

Solution 1

1.    You need to change the drive letter for the inserted drive.

2.    To do this, Open Run, type “compmgmt.msc” and hit enter.

3.    Now click “Disk Management” on the left side.

4.    On the right side, right click on your Drive that appears in the disk management window and click change drive letter and paths.

5.    Assign a new letter which is not currently assigned to any other drive.

Solution 2

1.    Open QuickTime Player.

2.    From the File menu, choose Open Recent, and then choose Clear Menu. (You can read it here)

3.    Reboot may be required.

The solution should have been fixed.

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  1. i also faced the same problem but it was with my cd drive
    whenever i boot my computer i have to first cancel some messages and this “no cd in the drive” was among them
    the only thing was it just dont go away
    i figured there were something called FAantivirus.exe in the registry which activated at startup, it also changed title bar name of IE
    ultimately i have to format it to get rid

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