[Solved] Steps to Merge Albums in iTunes

It has been a while now since I am facing this issue of multiple copies of the same music album in my iTunes library. This started when I upgraded my iTunes to the latest version as it was working fine in the older version. I wanted to keep this new version only but had no solution as of now.

So if you are also facing this issue in which you are seeing more than one album of the same music album in your iTunes library then here is how to solve this problem. Steps to solve this issue are very simple but you need to do this manually for all of those. It will take some time but yes you will see one album each for every movie/album in your iTunes or iPhone/iPod.


1.    Run iTunes and go to the iTunes music library.

2.    Press Ctrl and select all the songs that you want to merge into single album. (You can see below that these songs are stored in 3 albums)

3.    After selecting, right click and select the option of Get Info.

4.    Now you need to select the option of “Album Artist” and provide some name in it or just write “Various”. This will save all the songs into a single album, moreover this will not change the details of the songs like the artist name etc.

5.    Press OK and you can see that all these songs have been merged into a single music album (shown below).

Now if you sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes, all the multiple copies of the albums will get replaced by the single album only. I have successfully tried this one on mine, let me know about yours by dropping a comment below.

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