[Solved] System Date and Time Changes on System Restart

One of our readers was facing this problem that whenever she logs in into the Windows after system shutdown the system date and time changes to sometime in the past and does not shows up the correct time.

If same is the case with you and your system date and time is also changing on system boot then here are the steps to solve this problem.


1. Replace the Motherboard battery

The round silver battery on the motherboard is responsible for storing the system date and time. If your computer is bit old then replacing this battery is a good option else just boot your system into the BIOS and verify the time and date from there.

2. Time Zone and Internet Time

Now boot the system and ensure that you have selected the correct time zone for the country you live in. Select the correct time zone and in the Internet Time tab, select a server and update the time to sync it with the global time.

3. If you find that your time changes while your system is logged on then in the Internet Time tab, disable the option of “Automatically Synchronize with internet time server”.

Let me know if the steps solved your problem.

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  1. sam64 says:

    sorry I am not good in english but i can tell you that your blog is very interesting

  2. Ananth says:

    This blog was very very useful & interesting.I came to learn many informations to solve system issues.Thanks many lot.

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