[Solved] System Restore Missing in Windows

One of our readers faced this problem that he was not able to find the System Restore option in his version of Windows. If similar is the case with you then here are few tricks to solve the problem.

Solution 1:

The problem of missing System Restore is due to the corrupted or missing System Volume Information folders in each drive.

1.    Go to each drive and look for these folders (these are system hidden and you will need to show hidden as well as system files to see these folders).

2.    Rename the folder to something else like System Volume Info and restart the computer.

3.    Delete these folders and restart the system again.

4.    The new folders would have created by default and the System Restore would get restored.

Solution 2:

1.    Type regedit in the Run box to open the registry editor.

2.    Navigate to this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore

3.    If a “DisableSR” value doesn’t exist, go to the Edit menu, select New, DWORD value, and create the value. Set the value to 1 to disable System Restore or 0 to enable System Restore.

4.    Restart may be required.

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  1. Hii.. I m having some prb with AVG free 9.0 after i upgraded it from 8.5 to 9.0 earlier it was not uninsatalling bt i somehow managed to delete evry folder & file related to AVG except this avgrsstx.dll which is in system32 folder.. kindly tel how can get rid this file as i m unable to install kasperkey bcz its akskin me to first uninstall AVG.

  2. Hi..I m Roshan Verma frm Parasi,Nepal. I m having problem a bit same as Ajin is having. I m fed up with AVG 9.0. It iz always showing at least one virus in resident shield detection. Even after updating and scanning whole computer, i m being suffered with that problem. Pls, kindly tell me how to remove all those bloody viruses and make my pc a healthy one.

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