[Solved] System Tray Icon Missing from System Tray in Windows

This was the problem faced by one of our readers that when he booted the PC, the system tray icons were missing from the system tray, also known as notification area. Along with this, the Hide Inactive Icons button was also disabled or greyed out.

It is because of this the icons including the pen drive icon don’t load up.

Cause of the problem:

•    The cause is solely because of the inability of the Windows to load up all the icons properly.


There are few solutions available to fix the problem.

Solution 1:

1.    Download and install Microsoft’s power toy called Tweak UI.

2.    Now go to Taskbar and Start Menu option.

3.    Check the option of Show Taskbar notification icons.

4.    Click OK and restart.

Solution 2:

1.    If the above utility doest work you can download a file, extract it and run the batch file.

2.    This will restart the explorer for you and will also fix the problem.

Solution 3:

1.    Open the registry editor by typing regedit in the Run box.

2.    Type services.msc to open the services list.

3.    Right click on the SSDP Discovery Service and click properties.

4.    On the General tab, in the Startup type drop-down list, click Disabled.

5.    Click OK, restart may be required.

Let me know which solution solves your problem?

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