[Solved] Task Manager not showing Menu Bar on Top

Task Manager is one of the best applications that Windows have put in its OS. It can be used for many purposes like from seeing the processes being executed in the system, terminating any process to starting a new process. It also has certain options at the top on its menu bar.

But recently, one of our readers asked us about a problem as he was unable to see the menu bar on his Task Manager at the top. Well if you have used Windows for quite some time now then you must have come across this situation some time or the other. Even this had happened to me many times but this is not much of an issue.

Above screenshot displays how the task manager would like when it had lost all of its menu bar and items like File, Options, View and Help along with the title bar. Solving this problem is easy, below are the steps to get this resolved:

1. Open the Task Manager

2. Double click on the space between the top and list below (as shown by arrow). The menu bar will return

3. Doing the above step again will hide it again.

It happens sometime that we accidentally click this space and loose the menu bar. By using this method you can get it back easily.

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