[Solved] The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed

The problem was reported by one of our readers who was troubled by this Windows Installer service error. The following error occurred whenever we try to install a program and especially with .msi extension.

According to Microsoft, the error occurs if:

•    You are using Windows XP in Normal mode.
•    The Windows Installer Service that is included with Windows XP is unregistered or damaged.


Any of the following solutions will solve the problem.

Solution 1:

•    Open the command prompt, type msiexec.exe /unregister, press Enter.

•    Now type msiexec /regserver and press Enter.

•    Verify that the SYSTEM account has full control access permissions to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive in the Windows registry. (more info here)

Solution 2:

•    Ensure that the startup type of Windows Installer service is set to Manual.

•    Type services.msc in the Run box and see the Windows Installer service and check its startup type.

Solution 3:

•    Download a file called msiserver.zip and let it do the work for you.

•    Extract the file and double click the .reg file.

•    Confirm with Yes and reboot.

[Via Winhelponline]

The solution here can also help you.

Let me know if the problem is solved.

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