[Solved] WhatsApp Keeps on Connecting on iPhone

The time since the famous WhatsApp application had been released for iPhone, I have been using it to stay in touch with all my friends and family. It surely is a great application that helps in chatting with each other while using the network data/wifi and avoiding the substantial SMS charges. Moreover the app allows us to send and receive photos and voice notes, which is very helpful.

But what I have been experiencing recently, with this app on my iPhone 3G is that it is never connecting to the network and just keeps on trying and trying. I also tried this on the WiFi network, and the result was the same, it just keeps connecting and reconnecting but never connects to the network as a result of which I am unable to use the app and send or receive texts.

So in case you are also experiencing the same issue then here is what I did to fix this problem and get the WhatsApp to be working again.


1. Delete the app from the iPhone
2. Run iTunes and log in to iTunes Store with your Apple ID
3. Now update the WhatsApp to the update available
4. Connect your iPhone and install this latest version of the WhatsApp on it
5. Run WhatsApp on your phone now and configure it back

Well this is what the solution is to this problem, just update to the latest available version and install it back on the iPhone. Apart from the fix, I believe the update also fixed some performance issues as the app is now running faster than before.

So it is sometimes better to update apps and solve any app problem that might occur.

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