[Solved] Windows Explorer crashes on Right Click

If you have been using Windows for some time now then you must have come across this situation that when you right click, your explorer crashes with some error message and you will have to either login back or manually start the Explorer.exe process from the Task Manager.

One of our readers was also facing this problem, thus here is a solution that has been found working for many users. We will first find out why his problem first occurred below

Why explorer crashes on right click?

Right click context menu have several items which are configured in the registry settings of our system, thus these are the primary reason why windows crashes when on right click. If this problem didn’t occur to your system earlier but you are facing this issue lately then it must be because of some program that you installed recently.

Thus you need to check the registry settings of all the programs that are creating any conflict and to see that you should use this tool from Nirsoft called ShellExView.

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    After downloading the tool, scan your registry with it as it will discover all your conflicting registry keys.
2.    Sort the result with “Type”.
3.    Navigate to ‘context menu handlers’ (these are the right click menu items).
4.    Now to figure out which entry is causing the issue, disable the non-Microsoft context menu handlers one by one and then try the right click. If the problem is there then enable it back and try for another entry. (This can be bit irritating as you might need to re-run the explorer again and again).

When you come to know what the problem creating entry is, just remove it from your system. Let me know, if it solved your problem or not.

Download ShellExView

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