Some Common Myths about Spam Emails

I have received an email from one of our readers asking more information about the Spam emails. By now I had figured out that there are myths about spam messages that are prevailing on the web. Well in case you also have some doubts about Spam emails, then here are the true facts about it.

What is Spam / Spam Email?

Spam emails are the emails sent either manually by a sender or auto-generated by some server that aims mostly at advertising some product but can also contain malicious code too as an attachment.

Myth 1:

It is better to delete a spam message than report as Spam

One would think that getting too many reports of spam from a particular server (for e mails) results in the server being black marked and genuine messages are also missed but this is not the fact.

It is always a good practice to report every spam message as Spam as the Spam guard will take care of the message from the next time. Also if any server is sending you any spam email then be sure that it will never send you any genuine message in future.

Myth 2:

Marking as spam conveys to the spammer that the e mail address is genuine and is targeted more.

Marking as spam has no connection what-so-ever to the spammer and thus it (mostly a server) can’t know what the user had done about the message that it sent.

Myth 3:

Placing an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message, don’t make it spam

Whether the link is there or not, the message will be marked as spam if the spammer is sending the email in bulk to the people who have not opted for the message.

Myth 4:

If I click Unsubscribe link on the spam messages, I won’t receive any more spam

The above statement would have held true if the sender was a legitimate sender but do you think a spammer would care what you have done? Lol

Myth 5:

Email Spam Guard is enough to keep me safe

Well the spam guard is always there to protect you but this does not mean that you can’t receive any spam email in your inbox. Sometimes the spam guard is also unable to check for the genuineness of the message and thus you get that in your inbox. So better understand every email before falling prey to it.

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Stay safe, stay protected!

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