Some Cool Typing Tutors for learning Keyboard Typing

We all like typing on computer keyboards faster than others, don’t we? For someone who has started working on computers might face difficulty in typing. We know many users who type with one finger, something that takes lot of time and effort in typing.

If you wish to learn typing and don’t like to wait years in learning by use of computers, then you should definitely go for the Typing Tutors. Typing Tutors are the programs designed to make users habitual of typing and also let you know the best practises of using the keyboard. They also tell you the exact mapping of your finger with the keyboard button.

There are many typing tutors available on internet. Moreover you can also use these online and don’t need to install one on your system. Here are two tutors that I liked the most with their features:

1. Tipp10

TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The software is easy to use and features a clear user interface. This is one great typing tutor that anyone including children or aged people can use easily.

The tool includes intelligent practice sessions, support functions and progress trackers. You can also change the text font, color and other things to adapt it to your needs. A status bar displays the fingers that should be used and tallies errors and characters per minute.

The results displayed are also detailed and tracks your progress in a graphical manner. You can even customize the tool according to your needs.

2. Keyboard Training

This is an open source, small and free program written in VB that allows you to learn keyboard typing in a playful manner. You can choose from AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards.

When you use this program you see that you are given some seconds to press the key that is being highlighted. The game has few difficulty levels to choose from, higher the difficulty lower the time to press the keys.

This is a free tool that can help you learn keyboard typing in a playful manner.

So which one do you use?

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