Some Famous April Fool 2013 Pranks

As is the tendency of everyone to fool others with some good prank on April 1st, there have been many instances this year by some famous brands. Some of them were so convincing that most people started believing in those. This year we have seen lot of pranks by major companies like Nokia, Twitter, Google, Virgin Atlantic, Sony and others.

Here is a small contribution of some of the major pranks played by these companies, in case you missed out on any:

Google Nose: Now you can go beyond the usual search, query and have your nose smell what does the fragrance is. You can smell almost every type of smell right from your device.


Twttr: A new service launched by Twitter which you can use for free but have to only use consonants for your tweets. So that means now you tweets will lack the vowels, and if you wish to continue with vowels too then twitter is there but at $5 per month.


Nokia Oven: Well Nokia just launched the touch screen microwave oven having Windows phone like interface. It can sense how hungry you are to speed up the cooking too.


End of Youtube: Google decided to close down the video sharing website Youtube.

Tech Gear for pets: yes that is what Sony Animalia planned.


Virgin Atlantic: Would you dare to travel on a glass bottomed plane? Have a look what VA has in store.


• Well there were many other pranks too like Gmail Blue, shutdown of Google Adsense which you can read here.

Did you fall for any of these? Well you can also share below, other pranks which you are aware of.

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