Some Interesting Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Google is the most used search engine today all around the globe and for places which do not have Google search engine in their country; the search engines used by them are also powered by Google. Well Google is not only the search engine and is used for many purposes today, whether it is for shopping, entertainment and planning anything, it can be used for many purposes.

With Google Search one can see a less used button on the page called the I’m Feeling Lucky button, which we all know is there but not why? This button takes you to the first result of the search directly without having to click the search and the link.


Below are some interesting Google I’m Feeling Lucky tricks that you might not be aware of:

1. Google Gravity


Just go to Google homepage and type Google Gravity and instead of clicking the search button, click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, you will be amazed to see Google falling off on your screen as in without gravity.

2. Epic Google


Now try the words Epic Google, what you will notice will be pretty clear. You will see Google words, search box and the buttons expanding in size till it over fits your computer screen.

3. Google Pacman


Wanna play the famous old game right now? No problem, head to Google and type in the words as mentioned and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button. You will be directed to the Google Pacman where you can play it live.

4. Who’s the Cutest


Wondering who’s the cutest, you can ask Google this and actually you can use it to impress your friends as Google will answer the question in a form of a video saying it is you who is the cutest.

5. Google Sphere


Get to see Google in a new rotating form instead of the plain old flat style. Type in Google Sphere and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button to see Google terms rotating in air like a sphere.

6. Annoying Google


As much as Google helps, it can be annoying too. Try it for you by typing the above terms and hitting the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Now try searching anything here, you will be pretty amazed lol

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