Some Mouse Tricks you might not know

We like to share every cool tip or a trick with our users and this is the reason why we shared “some cmd shortcuts that you might not be aware of” some time back. Today also, we are sharing some mouse tricks that you probably are not aware of.

Using mouse is very easy and comfortable which is why we use it daily in our lives. But there are some mouse tricks that not all people know, so here is a list of few of them.

1. Vertical Text Selection

This is one trick which we have mentioned earlier also and sharing it again as not all people know that it is possible to select text vertically in a word editor like MS Office. This trick does not work in simple text editors like Notepad.

Just hold the Alt button before selecting the text with the mouse and this will enable you to select it vertically.

2. Multiple Text Selection

Similar to the tip above, if you hold Ctrl before selecting the text in a powerful text editor like MS Word, you can actually select multiple lines of texts independently.

The selected text will be appended when you hit the paste button.

3. Use of Right Mouse Button for Dragging file/folder

While dragging the files/folders using the left mouse button, there is couple of different options that we get like if you drag a file inside the same Drive, left button will actually move the file whereas if you drag it on to a different drive, then it will copy the file.

But if you use Right mouse button in place of the left, then you will get a hidden option asking you to either move or copy the file.

4. Close or Open Tabs quickly with Middle Mouse Button

Wondering what’s the use of the middle mouse button (or the scroll wheel click in newer mouses)? Well you can quickly open a new tab if you middle click on a link without the need of actually right clicking and selecting the option of “open in a new tab”

Similarly if you middle click on a tab, it will get closed instantly. Don’t believe me, try it.

Note: Scroll wheel also acts as a middle mouse button, just click the wheel to record the middle click.

5. Hidden Context options

Whenever you right click on any file/folder you come across some standard options but do you know if you hold the Shift button before clicking the right mouse button, you will actually come across lot many hidden options.

Not only the context menu, there will be more options in the each context menu option like send to etc.

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