Speed Up your Slow PC

Are you tired up of your old and slow computer and wish to make your system turn into a new one? Working on a new system is fun. We all wish to turn our system into something that we purchased few years back.

The new PC is quite fast and efficient to work with but with the passage of time it tends to get slower (luckily mine is working all fine). So if you are facing this common problem then have a look at the possible solutions to make your PC fast.

1.    RAM
This is the first thing that you should check, these days several heavy applications are built up so you need to have considerable amount of memory to handle these. These days, I prefer one should go for 2GB RAM.

2.    Get rid of files that are not used
Uninstall all the programs that are there in your system occupying space but are almost never used by you. This will not only free your space but will also clear the waste.

3.    Clean up your system
Delete all the temporary files and similar files. Go to My Computer -> C Drive Properties -> Disk Cleanup -> Check all boxes and then click OK.

4.    Remove threats
Computers are prone to threats like Virus, Malware, and Spyware etc. Along with harming the system they tend to slow down the PC, so try running applications like Anti Virus, Anti Spyware (Windows Defender is a good option).

5.    Defragmentation
With the usage files in the computer gets scattered all over the memory thus making it difficult for the system to pick them up from different locations. Thus it’s advisable to defragment them periodically, go to My Computer -> C Drive Properties -> Tools -> De-fragment Now and then defragment the C drive.

6.    Wipe out the cache files
Delete all the cache and temporary files made by the internet browser. Go to internet properties in the Tools tab of the browser and delete all cookies, cache, temporary files and history.

7.    Disable unwanted background processes
Stop all the useless startup processes that are running in the system. Type “msconfig” in the command prompt and stop all those pieces of crap running in the background.

So how did you like the tips?

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  1. Speed Up your Slow PC article.

    Hey, I found another way to speedup a slow PC. You mention adding RAM. Well I found that moving from a 4200rpm hard drive to a 5400rpm or 7200rpm hard drive can make a huge difference. The reason is the amount of time to seek and load programs, in addition that enormous swap file takes time to swap to and from on a 4200rpm hard drive.

    I changed the 4200rpm hard drive in my Dell Inspiron 1200 to one that a 5400rpm hard drive increased the speed dramatically. I had already increased the memory from the base 256mb to to the maximum of 1.2gb and it didn’t seem to increase the speed any. So I looked around to add a larger hard drive and I noticed on ebay that there were 30gb hard drives where some of them were a lot more expensive then others from the same company. Upon further inspection I found that the drives had the same interface, but were higher in RPMs. The one in my laptop was a 4200rpm, so I bought one that was a 40gb only 10 gb larger then mine but was a 5400rpm drive. The speed increase was tremondus.


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