Speed up your Windows 7 System

Our generation is always in a rush. All that we want is just speed. We want to get our work done in a speedy manner, so that we can manage our tasks. If you are using Windows 7 and you want to increase the performance of your Windows, then this article is worth reading.

You can make many adjustments which of great use and can spell a magic in your computer system. There are lots of great tools, utilities and features that are provided by Windows 7 as built in features. These features are very nice and valuable. Some of these features are:

Speed Up the Windows 7 Boot-up Time

The first thing that you can do is to reduce the timeout duration when Windows boots using msconfig or startup utility in Windows 7. You can also mange the list of the startup programs, so that it won’t take much time to start Windows and to shut it down.

Disable the Aero Theme on Windows 7

The next adjustment you can make is to disable the aero theme in Windows 7 which is dedicated for better appearance. Disabling this theme will boost up your system performance to a great extent but your system will look little simple and plain.

Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects or other services

You can disable some visual effects and unused services on your system because they just consume your system performance. They are indeed useless.

Change the Power Plan to Maximum Performance

The new feature in Windows 7 is the option of power saver. You can adjust settings of your power plan to increase you system’s performance.

Disable the User Account Control (UAC) Feature

User account control feature is always active on your system. This feature seeks permission of the user before starting any un-safe program. Seeking permission every time slows down the performance of your PC. Disable this UAC services and contribute in the improvement of system performance.

If you change your system operation according to the guidelines given above, you will see a significant change in the performance and speed of your system. These changes are not complicated and will definitely help you a lot.

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