Spell Check whenever you Type in Windows with tinySpell

It’s always good to have a spell checker so that whenever you type, it can show you your spelling mistakes and also let you know the correct terms. However, it is currently a limited functionality that is being limited to only some of the text editors like MS Word, or a browser or something else but it’s not present everywhere, the biggest example being the Notepad, so old yet so plain and simple.

For people like me who are into writing a lot, definitely needs something that can alert them in case of a spelling mistake and show them the suggestions. Having this kind of facility into all the applications of Windows is a good idea, isn’t it? So that whenever and wherever you type, you don’t have to open the text editor again to see if there are any mistakes.


Here is one simple to use app called as tinySpell that actually lets you know whenever you commit some spelling mistake and also shows you the suggestions. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct the spelling in any Windows application.


• Small application that detects spelling mistake in any application in Windows
• Sits silently in the system to monitor the mistakes and beeps to alert the user. Also changes the color of the tray icon from white to yellow.
• See mistakes even in the copied clipboard text
• Also helps to detect errors even when you rename a file or a folder
• Makes use of dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus to fetch suggestions for the mistyped word.


The tool works great and is also open to customization like you can make the tool to stop monitoring certain applications and even let it learn certain words so that when you deliberately use those words, it doesn’t show any error.

tinySpell works great on all version of Windows and also comes in a paid version which have some more features. So if the tool was able to get your attention, download it from the link below.

Download tinySpell

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