Split, Chop or Cut Youtube Videos Directly Before Downloading

Youtube is no doubt a great website to see and download videos but what if you want only some part of a video and not all? You would download the whole video first and cut the desired part using some tool.

Here are two methods using which you can easily chop the non-required part and then after that download the video.


1.    The process will save a lot of time for you and if you are one of the busiest bees then it is sure for you.

2.    If you are not familiar with the chopping part using software then consider this post.

3.    Doing this will also save your internet bandwidth.

Method 1:


TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.

What you all have to do is just paste the video URL in the box provided, click on “chop it” button and chop the video in the slider that appears.

Method 2:


Easier than the above site, just add the URL and type in the starting and ending time to splice a Youtube Video.

Happy Slicing

16 Replies to “Split, Chop or Cut Youtube Videos Directly Before Downloading”

  1. @Norma
    After you have finished chopping, you will get the download link on your screen (some sites also emails the link to your email). So try it out.

  2. I didnt recieve any email to download the video i neither dont see any download option on site and i even didnt get any option to download the video please describe us clear for our satisfaction.

  3. I also have difficulties understandin your method.
    I remember that some time ago I found a website where you can first trim and then download the trimmed version but not on this website I see such COMBINED feature.

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