Split GIF Animation Images into Separate Images

GIF images looks good to the eyes as the reason behind those animation images is that it is the combination of several static images that gives the impression of animation. Several single images are combined into one to form one animated GIF image.

But what if you want certain frame out of the many frames in the GIF image? Yes you can split or break the single GIF animated image into its constituent images to have that desired single image.

There are many ways to do this but the easiest and fast way of splitting the GIF image into several single images is using this free tool called GifSplitter. GifSplitter can break GIF animation down into individual image frames. Then, you can select any frames of the gif animation, and modify them as you like.

GifSplitter is a fast, free and portable tool that is very small in size as well. Just select the GIF image to split, choose the output directory and click the Split Now button. The individual frames would get saved in the selected directory.

Download GifSplitter

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  1. An animated GIF contains 2 or more frames that are played back in sequence by an Internet browser or other program capable of displaying animated GIFs.

    the above trick can also be done without any software by going to this site :animine(.)com

  2. Dear Sir/mum

    I really really am grateful to you because you just put an end to my endless search for programs like splitting gif format, so on, thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.

    Hope there were something I could also share. I am managing director of a hologram company, if there is anything I also can do and return a bit of what I got back please feel free to write to me, I am living in Tehran, Iran. Since I am working in field of hologram, sterogram, polarized films, scanimation, etc… there might be some common things we can share.

    But whethere there is anything i can share or not, please accept my deep thanks and appreications for good with no trick real free software which helped me a lot. i wish I could have a lenticular making software, etc… and I am also ready to pay for it. But you know about Iran , payment is a big problem. Anyway thanks again.

    Yours Mohsen
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