Split Large Folders into Smaller Ones with Folder Axe

Well all of us have folders that have lot of files in them be it useful or the files which are not in use any more. These folders have files due to accumulation of items over the long period of time. Now we all either don’t have enough time to review these large folders and remove items from them or it is because we are so tired of doing this.

Cleaning such a large folder can be headache but this is also an important task else large folders like these reduces the read time of the hard disk and thus make the system slow to access and respond. A simple solution to this problem is provided by the use of a free tool called Folder Axe.

What Folder Axe does is, it helps us to split the large folders having lot of files into smaller ones having limited number of files based on several criteria like that of number or size etc. Using Folder Axe is very simple, you just need to select the folder to split, then provide your splitting method, provide the name for the new folders to be created and click the Split button.

Features of Folder Axe:

•    Split by amount (Specify the number of files each resulting folder is limited to)
•    Split by size (Specify the size limit of each resulting folder)
•    Split by name (Created folders based upon the first x number of characters in file names)
•    Split by file type (Files split into folders according to their extensions)
•    Split by file group (Files split into seven different groups)
•    Split by date (Files split into folders by date property)
•    Include files in subfolders (Optionally)
•    Compress resulting folders into Zip files, even protect them using AES-256 bit encryption
•    Set the naming scheme for the resulting folders
•    Remember chosen folder during session
•    Process folders of any size, fast!
•    Automatic update checking, so you always have the latest version
•    Log window so you know exactly what’s going on at all times

You need to install .Net Framework 4.x to be able to use this tool.

Download Folder Axe

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