Stay Protected from Twilight New Moon Movie Malware

It has been observed that lots of sites are claiming to show the new movie of the Twilight series “New Moon” with just a click on their link, however it is not true as they in reality infects your system with a malware that comes along.

Here is what happens:

• The fans are tempted to view the movie online which costs nothing.

• The blogs and sites convince them that the movie is just a click away.

• When they click on the “movie player” they are told to install a “streamviewer“.

• The streamviewer, however, installs malware on the user’s computer.

Now this is when the malware gets access to the system. This is a common trick used by the people to infect the other systems.

It would surely be wise to go and watch the movie at the theatre rather than letting your secret information being revealed to some intruder.

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