Steps to avoid chkdsk disk scan during booting

This is a common problem that happens every time that when we boot our system the Windows start a chkdsk disk scan. In reality disc scan is a protective feature of Windows that run to check any cross links and to clean the bad sectors though this mostly happens due to the improper shutdown of the computer.

Since this is a feature provided by the Windows, this helps in the better performance of our systems but in case if you are troubled with the consistent disc checking that happens every time you boot the system, then we can easily fix the problem.


1.    Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog.
2.    Now write cmd in it to open the command prompt.
3.    Type this command without quotes “chkntfs /x drive_name”, Example: chkntfs /x c:
4.    Perform these steps for the other remaining drives.

Now reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

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  1. You can also try giving drive letters (eg. c: d: etc) of all the hard disk partitions in a single command like this

    c:\>chkntfs /X c: d: e: f:

    remember to give the letters of hard disk partitions only .

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