Steps to Backup iPhone Contacts to PC

On this week’s iPhone tips, here is an article that will tell you how you should backup your contacts in the iPhone to the Computer without any software and that too quite comfortably.

With the update of new firmware for the iPhone, you will need to restore the contacts as well but if you follow the steps below you won’t find any problems.

What you all need:

1.    Your iPhone
2.    iTunes installed in the system
3.    the USB Data Cable


1.    Run the iTunes, and connect the iPhone with the USB cable.

2.    After your iPhone is detected go to Info tab.

3.    In the Contacts section, check the box and select Outlook as the save file.

The contacts can be saved in other files as well but Outlook is a better and easy way to do this (as shown above).

4.    Now whenever you click on the Sync button in the bottom, it will save all your iPhone contacts in the Outlook file of your user profile.

If you wish to view the saved contacts, then just open the Microsoft Outlook file and got to the Contacts tab where you will find all the saved contacts.

Now you can save a .CSV file from the Outlook which will make restoration easy.

1.    Just open the Outlook and in the File Menu, click Import and Export.

2.    Choose Export to a file option.

3.    Select Comma Separated Values (Windows)

4.    The file then produced will have all your contacts which can now be transferred or restored.

Note: if you make any changes in the contacts stored in your iPhone, the sync button will update the file accordingly.

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15 comments on “Steps to Backup iPhone Contacts to PC
  1. Lizza says:

    Thanks for providing us such kind of info. Can you tell me, where to find this application free?

  2. John says:

    You can free download this iPhone contacts backup software to help. It works great for me.

    Free download at:

  3. Ehsan says:

    It works only if you have installed outlook in ur system
    else you can use other options(yahoo windows or google conxtacts)
    but how to restore it and where is the saved file?

  4. Tom says:

    Umm…isn’t itunes software? Unless it is not software then this article is retarded.
    “how you should backup your contacts in the iPhone to the Computer without any software”

  5. Jahon says:

    I used the steps to backup contacts to pc.It’s good.

  6. Not Tom says:

    @ Tom

    You’re retarded

  7. Tom says:

    Try this iPhone SMS Contacts Transfer tool. It can save both iPhone sms and contacts to computer.

  8. hanse says:

    cool staff ,thanks for sharing.Ripping and converting dvd on mac is a simple thing with dvd ripper for mac

  9. alda says:

    it seems useful, but unfortunately, i cannot afford an iphone now.

  10. John says:

    If you want to copy your iPhone contacts to your computer – no sync, no outlook, no hassle -just use what I found the most straightforward method: DiskAid.
    Here is is:

  11. Newzey says:

    Totally awesome….i am still amazed at the great method to backup iphone contacts to PC. Thanks.

  12. Lulu Green says:

    The above-mentioned tips about how to backup iPhone contacts to PC without software seems amazing. I will try the way.

    My friend Jim also recommended me to free download a third party program to copy iPhone contacts to PC.

  13. MarkHouse says:

    I have suffered out iTunes with its wipe-out syncs and have long removed it from my computer. I am currently using a free standing app (non-paid) in order to back up my iPhone contacts and am rather pleased with its simplicity:

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